Marine Corps Technical Manual For Uniform Fitting And Alteration

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There seems to be a lot of confusion about certification, so we are often asked about the certification our Marine Swords have received from US Marine Corps Systems Command. Marine Corps Systems Command Certification While all branches publish specifications for their swords, the Marine Corps is the only service branch that has a program to independently inspect swords and to certify that each retail vendor meets the specifications. The certification program is described in a Marine Corps Technical Manual -- TM10120-15/2, which requires the following major actions for the Marine swords: • A vendor submits two sample swords to the Marine Corps Systems Command (MarCorSysCom) for inspection. • Once the swords pass inspection, MarCorSysCom issues a certification letter and certification number to the vendor. • The vendor must etch the certification number into the spine of the blade, next to the grip. • The vendor must renew its certification every five years (TM10120-15/2, page 4, as changed). Once a vendor is certified, MarCorSysCom will issue the vendor a certification letter with an expiration date.

Marine Corps Technical Manual For Uniform Fitting And AlterationMarine Corps Technical Manual For Uniform Fitting And Alteration

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• Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support DLA Troop Support issues many of the large-scale government contracts for all branches of services. During this process, DLA Troop Support self-inspects the items to make sure these items meet the published specifications. The US Marine Corps requests purchases through DLA Troop Support for the Marine NCO swords that are used at the unit level.