Mark Knopfler And Chet Atkins Neck And Neck Rar File

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Factsage Download. Description 1990 Neck and Neck CD CBS 467435 2 1 Poor Boy Blues 4:03 2 Sweet Dreams 3:25 3 There'll Be Some Changes Made 6:28 4 Just One Time 4:12 5 So Soft, Your Goodbye 3:18 6 Yakety Axe 3:24 7 Tears 3:54 8 Tahitian Skies 3:18 9 I'll See You in My Dreams 2:58 10 The Next Time I'm in Town 3:22 Noticed that this wasnt on the site and thats a crime. A superb collaboration between two masters of the guitar.

One of the most fun and engaging albums I own. These guys make it all sound so easy, you might not even notice the skill that's on display. The standout track is 'There'll Be Some Changes Made', which stretches on past the 6-minute mark -- not that you'll notice -- as Atkins and Knopfler trade guitar licks and banter. (Atkins, after a Knopfler lick: 'Pretty good, but you're no Mark Knopfler'. Knopfler, after an Atkins lick: 'Anybody hurt?' ) As well as 'There'll Be Some Changes Made', the best tracks are the toe-tappin' tunes 'Poor Boy Blues' and 'Yakety Axe'. Other tracks tend to be more mellow.

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