New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked Rar Files

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New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked Rar Files

Vengeance (New Model Army album) This article needs additional. Vengeance (1984) No Rest for the Wicked (1985) Professional ratings; Review scores. New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked.rar, file size: 89.93 MB. ©2013-2017 Search Engine - new model army new model army - 21 files.

This was the band's first major label album, recorded by Mark Freegard at Wessex Studios in London in January 1985 and released by EMI that Spring. Track Listing: 1 Frightened (Sullivan, Morrow) 2 Ambition (Sullivan) 3 Grandmother's Footsteps (Sullivan, Morrow) 4 Better Than Then (Sullivan) 5 My Country (Sullivan, Morrow) 6 No Greater Love (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton) 7 No Rest (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton) 8 Young, Gifted and Skint (Sullivan, Morrow) 9 Drag It Down (Sullivan, Heaton, Morrow) 10 Shot 18 (Sullivan, Heaton) 11 The Attack (Sullivan) Musicians: Justin Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar Stuart Morrow - Bass, Vocals Robert Heaton - Drums There are a host of releases of this album from various countries. We've tried to gather all the information out there on the various releases, but some are just educated guesses, as denoted by a '?' LP 05/1985 UK EMI NMALP1 (EJ 2403351) CT 05/1985 UK EMI NMAMC1? (EJ 2403354?) LP 1985 US EMI (Capitol) ST-12432 LP 1985 JP Toshiba EMI EMS-81730 LP 1985 BR EMI 31C 064 240335 LP 1985 WG EMI 1577371 LP 1985 GR EMI 062 240335 1 LP 1985? NL EMI 24 0035-1 LP 1985?

ES EMI 0 1 LP 1985 NZ EMI EMC-225 LP 1985 CA EMI/Capitol ST-12432 CD 1989 UK Fame (EMI) CD-FA 3198 (CDM 7 92686 2) reissue LP 1989? UK Fame (EMI) FA 3237 (41 3237 1) reissue CT 1991 PL MG MG 1533 (counterfeit) LP 1992 CZ Globus (EMI) GE 0223 (21 0112-1 34) green vinyl CT 1992 CZ Globus (EMI) 2 CD US? CD UK EMI 3535072 reissue DD 09/2007? US SIS/IKN (Amazon) B000X81FMO MP3 DD 01/2008? UK EMI (7digital) 23911 MP3 In 2005 EMI released a two CD remastered edition of No Rest For The Wicked containing bonus tracks and B-sides: CD UK EMI 5633622 CD 1: Frightened Ambition Grandmother's Footsteps Better Than Them My Country No Greater Love No Rest Young, Gifted & Skint Drag It Down Shot 18 The Attack CD 2: Heroin (12' version) Adrenalin No Sense Trust Vengeance (live) Smalltown England (live) Liberal Education (live) Waiting (live) Betcha (live) • •.

New Model Army - No Rest For The Wicked (1985) Rock 1cd EAC Rip Flac + Cue + Log covers EMI, CDM 7 92686 2 rel: 1989 320Mb Sacrificing the experimental post-punk doodling that worked so well within defined songs on the first LP Vengeance strangely enough works here for this incredible band that won't hear any malarkey about how bad second LPs are supposed to be. Before Sunrise Vostfr Rapidshare Search. A more direct approach works wonders, rendering every song a possible single, every one a flaming, emotion-wracked foray into human thoughts, customs, and politics. And Slade the Leveler's got some unparalleled British lyrics for this kind of statement-oriented music and tremendous songwriting on side one.