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Get today's popular Digital Trends articles in your inbox: The Stanley Cup Final is just around the corner, meaning one team will drink from the best-looking trophy in professional sports. Gamers who want to play along at home, however, will have to buy a Playstation 4 or Xbox One. EA Sports hasn’t released a PC hockey game since the year before the first iPad came out. Pre-Internet, the story would likely end there. Hockey fans would either buy a console or stop playing hockey video games. But this isn’t a pre-Internet world. So fans took the matter into their own hands. The result is NHL 2004 Rebuilt, a patched version of a game first released in 2003.

The graphics are, by today’s standards, woefully outdated, but the mod is surprisingly modern otherwise. There’s the latest rosters, player photos, arena designs, and a complete alternative to the default interface.

Obsessive fans think NHL 04 is the best hockey game ever made, so they update it every year. NHL 2004 Rebuilt is the best hockey game you've never heard of. Hockey on PC 2016 - NHL 2004 Rebuilt Upload, share, download and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free online. Download Millions Of. NHL 2004 is a sports video game of ice hockey developed by EA Black Box. Home Sports NHL 2004 Download Full Version. The Movies Free Game Full Download Nov 6, 2012.

Sure, it’s a pain to set up. But this is the best PC hockey game you’ve never heard of.

It’s in the game (because fans put it there) In 2011, the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Manitoba and became the Winnipeg Jets. You might assume, then, that you can’t play as the Jets in NHL 2004 Rebuilt. “This is the only game, for me, that still feels like real hockey. Download Neobux Money Adder Software Engineering more. ” Fire the modded game up, though, and you’ll find the Jets.

Their rink, the MTS Center, is re-created with accurate on-ice paint, and even advertisements on the boards. Jim Hughson, the game’s play-by-play man, calls the team the “Winnipeg,” and also knows the names of most players who joined the league after 2004. Players and coaches’ in-game faces are up-to-date as well. Versacheck Payroll 2007 Serial Numbers here.

There are so many little tweaks that make this possible. So who made this?

Gamers just liked NHL 04 better Trent (not his real name) is a longtime hockey fan who lives in Finland. He’s the coordinator of NHL 2004 Rebuilt, and feels strongly that NHL 04 is the best hockey game EA Sports ever built. “When NHL 05 came out, I was disgusted,” he told Digital Trends. “The AI is pure crap.” NHL 05 to 09 were all, in Trent’s opinion, easy to the point of being broken. “I was able to win my first NHL 09 game, at the hardest difficultly, 8-0,” he said.