Para Ordnance Serial Number Year

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Para Ordnance Serial Number YearPara Ordnance P14

Several owners have posted questions about when their Paras were manufactured. Trying to get through to Para customer service is inconvenient at best so I started this registry with manufacture dates and details of Paras that I own now and have owned in the past. If you see more than 5 on the list it means I've already getting additional contributions. I hope that enough of you will add to the list so that patterns emerge and we can make it easy for owners to determine the age of their Paras. If you are not comfortable with revealing the entire serial number, change the last two numerals to xx as has been done below. Provide as little or as much information about your Para as you know or would care to reveal.

But do indicate if made in Canada or US and indicate if PXT. Please post only if you have confirmed a manufacture date (month and year OK but full date preferable) either with your test fire casing envelope or a call to Para toll free 888-999-9386. Provide features and indicate if Made in USA or Made in Canada. I'll update this list frequently.

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When contacting customer service, please have the owner name, address, model and serial number available. The information will help the service. 45, acp, sa, 8+1 rds.

Thanks to all who participate WG 1951 - Date Unknown - Smith Kit - F1645G - Steel Receiver - 45 acp - 15 rd capacity. I just bought a P14.45 Limited.

I am trying to find out any info I can about it. It is all original and the serial # is TJ 5177. Any help would be appreciated. Based on the serial number I'd guess that your pistol was manufactured somewhere around 1996.

You can call Para toll free 888-999-9386 and get the manufacture date. Then post here so I can add it to the list. The following manual from 2002 includes the 'limited' series. Beyond that you might get additional information by googling.