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Download Download Filme Poseidon - Dublado, Download Filme Poseidon - Dublado Torrent. O DESTINO DE POSEIDON dublado 1972 THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE – 1972 por cleberson waltrick RMZ e Upload: LeMMy. LiNK DiRETO: PARTE 1: BAIXAR PARTE 2. Bob Cassidy Fundamentals Pdf Converter there.

Contents • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The, a luxury, is making a. Former and firefighter Robert Ramsey () is traveling with his daughter Jennifer () and her boyfriend Christian () to New York, soon to be engaged. Also on board is former submariner-turned-professional gambler Dylan Johns (), Richard Nelson (), Maggie James () and her son Conor (), stowaway Elena (), and waiter Valentin (). As the passengers are enjoying a party, officers on the bridge see a huge bearing down on the ship. Evoke 1Xt Software Update there. To survive the wave, they try to steer the ship to take the wave bow-first, but it does not turn fast enough. The wave swamps and capsizes the ship, killing the bridge officers along with many passengers and crew. In the ballroom, a badly injured Captain Bradford () attempts to restore order and assures the surviving passengers that help is on the way, and tries to persuade them to stay put.

Unconvinced, Dylan leads Conor, Maggie, Robert, Richard, and Valentin towards the bow, where he believes they will have the best chance of escaping from the capsized liner. As they head up, they have to cross an elevator shaft, into which Valentin falls before being crushed by the falling elevator. They reunite with Jennifer, Christian, Elena, and gambler Lucky Larry (), who had all been in the section of the ship, and who are the only survivors out of all of the occupants in the nightclub. The group crosses a makeshift bridge across the lobby, where Lucky Larry gets crushed by the engine. The pressure from the water finally cracks the ballroom windows, drowning and killing its occupants, including Captain Bradford. With the water rising rapidly, the group is forced to escape through an air duct and some ballast tanks, although Elena hits her head underwater and drowns. With the ship slowly sinking, the survivors soon find themselves in a crew lounge where they find the bow section is flooded, until an explosion of the engine room lifts it out of the water.

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The group enters the bow thruster room and are horrified to find the thrusters still running. With their path blocked by the propellers, and knowing that the control room is submerged in water, Robert swims away to turn off the engine. He finds the 'shut off' switch to be broken, but presses the reverse button instead, before drowning. With the propellers now spinning in the other direction, Dylan throws a nitrogen tank into it, causing an explosion that destroys the engine, and leaving an opening for them to escape through.

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The group jumps out the thruster and swim to a nearby inflatable raft, and as they are getting into the raft, the ship starts to right itself. As they are paddling away, the waves push the raft further and further away from the sinking liner. Across the water, the survivors look on as the stricken ship sinks stern-first into the Atlantic. After firing a, two helicopters and several ships arrive to rescue the six survivors, having tracked the location of the Poseidon's beacon.