Rampage Victims Of Rock Rarities

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Rampage's Victims Of Rock lp from '81 is a true lost gem for those who love early '80s European metal. This record is very similar to some of the '70s-styled NWOBHM bands, although being from Germany the '70s influence has a Krautrock vibe (think of the heavier moments on late-'70s lps by Grobschnitt, Birth Control, Amon Duul 2, '78-'81-era Scorpions, and debut and I'm a Rebel-era Accept). Rampage were a band that took many of the best elements of '70s hard rock (such as great dual guitar stylings and harmony choruses) and blended them with the best elements of early Euro-metal in much the same way as bands like Sweden's Heavy Load and Glory Bells Band, Holland's Picture, and Finland's Oz.

It is this interesting blend of 70's European hard rock, the heaviest moments of German prog/Krautrock (especially from the mid-late 70's when many classic Krautrock bands like Birth Control, Lucifer's Friend, Grobschnitt, etc. Were leaning towards a more hard rock-tinged approach much like British legends Budgie), and Lovedrive and Animal Magnetism-era Scorpions which makes for such a heady brew. Victims Of Rock is an LP that could only have been created within a brief window of 80's metal history. In some ways it is similar to the first two Gravestone LPs Doom from '79 and War from '80. On Victims Of Rock Rampage seems to have been barely touched by the NWOBHM (although their second album Love Lights Up The Night would show some NWOBHM influence). They do at times have simarities to NWOBHM founding fathers Quartz (particularly Quartz's Stand Up And Fight LP) although I feel it is likely coincidental due to both bands 70's styled roots. From the very Krautrock-esque LP cover to the cold, almost depressing melodies, Victims Of Rock is German to the core.