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I am trying to create a winrar self-extracting archive with a custom icon on the command line. It is all going well so far, except the custom icon is not working. Rar Sfx Command Line Icon Autocad Make Line Rar Sfx Command Line Icon Autocad Pick. RAR icon or window. Before doing this ensure that Win.

Rar Sfx Command Line Icon Png

Introduction If you want to create a single file installer using Visual Studio, you can either use InstallShield LE, or repackage your setup.exe and MSI file into a self extracting file. Screen Printing Color Separation Software Free. This article explains how to do the latter, with WinRAR, producing a professional looking package.

First of all, you may be tempted to just provide the MSI file for the installation. You should only do this if you expect your end users to ensure all.NET runtime requirements are present on the install target machine.

This might be adequate in some corporate environments, or for your friends, or for a group of developers, but otherwise Setup.exe bootstrapper should be included with your MSI file. Creating the install file manually First of all, we’ll look at the steps involved to create the setup interactively.

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Select the Setup.exe and your MSI file and right click. Select the “Add to Archive” context menu choice. Now you can edit the archive name, and check the “Create SFX” checkbox. Click the “Advanced Options” tab.

Click the “SFX Options” button. This opens a dialog that allows you to change many of the default behaviours of the generated self extract files. On the General Tab, check “Create in the current folder” and add the option to run Setup.exe after extraction.

This will launch your installer when the user runs the self extractor. On the Text and Icon tab, you can edit the title of the self extract window and add an icon. The text appears in the title bar when the extract is running. The icon is used to represent the self extract file itself in explorer. Ni Mate Keygen here. It makes a nice professional touch to use your icon instead of the default WinRAR icon. On the Update tab, ensure that “Overwrite all files” is checked. On the Modes tab, check the “Hide all” option in silent mode.