Sabnzbd Download Failed Out Of Your Servers Retention

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Sabnzbd Download Failed Out Of Your Servers Retention

Morganelli group??? It's a one person company. Joe Morganelli. Look at their website. All the blog posts are written by him.

Usenet Problems – Resolving SABnzbd Errors. Download failed – Out of your server’s retention? *retention is the amount of time posts are held by a. Most commonly, SABnzbd+ downloads fail with error message 'Download failed - Out of your server's retention?' Here's a workaround that can improve this. Downloads cannot be completed. Download failed - Not on your server(s). On the newsserver you use because the post is older than the newsserver retention.

The team page has just him. I would be surprised if this guy ever got paid.

His website looks like nothing more than an advertising platform full of self smugness. I bet he sends a bunch of DMCA requests for popular content hoping to generate some buzz so he can pitch to potential clients. I doubt he has any time to really go after the clients since he is doing it all by himself. I am sure pretty soon the indexing sites will have a workaround that will prevent him from doing what he is doing before he's able to turn profit. And he will be forgotten PS.

Megaupload is planning on coming up with a system that is immune to DMCA requests where they will password protect and encrypt everything and the material will technically be personal material, not public so DMCA takedown will not be applicable. It would be the same as me uploading a file on dropbox and sending the download link to my friend. Dropbox does not have to comply with a DMCA takedown request for that file because it is personal property, not public. This dude Joe or whatever does not have the authorization or permission to look inside that file. All of the big name Usenet providers honor takedowns. Astraweb being the worse because of their automated DMCA system. A user on another forum tested it by creating a fake archive named similar to a popular title for DMCA requests, within hours of being uploaded it was no longer available.

Content providers like HBO use bots to search for their content in the names and send the automated request. Since astraweb is the most popular upload provider these requests can be fulfilled before the data gets propogated to other servers. So, is anyone else having issues downloading episodes of the Big Bang Theory, or am I just 'doing it wrong' suddenly? Never had issues until just now. TBBT indeed, no matter what version i get, 720p web dl, 1080p web dl, x264 stuff.

I cant download it. Sabnzbd is complaining about: Download failed - Out of your server's retention? The episodes are 8 hours old, and show up complete on e.g. Is this the shape of things to come? There are lost of complaints about incomplete fiies on Astraweb. Check the forums on Nzbmatrix. Pdanet Email Address And Serial Number here. You might get a block acct with another provider to check.

I was with Astraweb for about 4 years, switched to Newshosting. Think Supernews has a three day trial. I dont think take downs are the issue.

Take down are more common with newly released movies. The last batman movie, had lots of takedowns. There must be something else going on. This is not astraweb related. I've just purchased a 30 day pre-paid account with Eweka (dutch usenet provider) and this specific episode shows up there complete as well, but once you download, parts are missing and there are no parsets. Same as astraweb.

Something fishy is going on. I'll try newshosting as well, see what that does. *edit* if this was a takedown by some DMCA enforced act, you would assume they would cripple older episodes as well.