Serial Fix Bamboo Chairs

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Bamboo Chair PadsSerial Fix Bamboo Chairs

Mimio Studio 9 12 Keygen Generator here. Yes we handle both methods of re-caning your chairs. Antique chairs often were caned using the hand woven method. Then in the 1950's chairs caned with prewoven sheets of cane became prevalent.

FYI: Cane is the peeled bark from the rattan vine and has been used in furniture and basketry for hundreds of years. Which ever way your chair was originally caned it will have to be re-caned the same way again. To understand the difference look at the next two images and their descriptions. Click on the images for a closer look. On the left you can see me pressing the spline into the groove or channel that the sheet of cane is tucked into. This is held in place with water based wood glue so it's easier to remove should the chair ever need re-caning down the road. Unfortunately some folks use the wrong glue when caning a chair like this making it much more difficult for the next guy years down the road.