Shoot A Thon Fundraiser Template Excel

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Shoot A Thon Fundraiser Template Excel

Our student-athletes will be participating in a 'Shoot-a-Thon' fundraiser. On September 10th, at DeMatha Convocation Center, our student-athletes will each shoot 100 freethrows and their results will be accurately tabulated and recorded. Prior to this event, each student-athlete will ask family, friends and program supporters to assist them in their fundraising efforts by pledging a specific amount of money for each freethrow they make out of 100. The money raised will be used to supplement our athletic budget so that our children's athletic experience will be enhanced.

Upon completion of the 'Shoot-a-Thon', you can check back to this website and we will post how each individual student-athlete performed and how much money we raised as a team. Won't you please help our fundraising efforts by sponsoring a student-athlete today and make a pledge amount for every freethrow your sponsored student-athlete makes out of 100. A flat donation amount is certainly welcome as well. We have provided you with three convenient ways to donate to our 'Shoot-a-Thon'. Click the ' link now for more details and to make a donation.

*WHS Basketball Free-Throw Shoot-a-Thon* Fundraiser Event! Friday, October 24th from 2:15 - 5:00 p.m. In gyms across campus and town.

Cricket Samrat In Hindi Pdf. If you should have any questions regarding our fundraising program, please feel free to drop us a note by clicking the ' link.

This is the main fundraise r for the Bulldog Basketball Program, boys and girls combined. Each player will shoot 200 free throws total at a pace of 10 per round. We will keep track of makes and record them on a form. Our players will be asking members of family and community for pledges per make or for flat donations, whichever you as the patron prefers! We are also hoping to acquire the help of our businesses in town by having friendly 'CHALLENGES' between local establishments that would aid us in a very successful fundraiser! Examples are as follows: - Mr. Smith sponsors Lizzy for $0.30 per make and she makes 144 out of 200.

He would owe her $43.20. - Business AA decides to donate $250 to each team for a total donation of $500 to our Basketball program.and then issues a friendly CHALLENGE to Business BB to do the same! Our goal is for each player to bring in a minimum of $200 each.

Hopefully we can do that as a team and then get businesses involved over and above that. Funds raised will be used for a variety of things, including: team meals, team gear, team equipment, team camps in the summer and new training items that may not fall under the budget limits that we have. The costs of team operations are more each year and we want to furnish our athletes with the best we can provide for them. We appreciate your support, big or small, more than you know! God bless you for any and all considerations in this matter!