Slicethepie Bot Download

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Slice The Pie Bot or Auto Typer Free I came across a little while ago. Internet Download Manager Patch Free Download.

Slicethepie Bot Download

If you have never heard of then here is a quick description- Slicethepie is a program that pays you to review music. You will get paid around $0.10 per review and up to $0.20. You will have to listen to each song for 90 seconds before reviewing the song. Then, depending on the length of your review, you will get a bonus.

Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the internet. Modbo 4 0 Installation Wizard. You earn cash for every review you leave! I'm sharing it so more people use it, therefore making it. Free Xpango Hack Bot Information: With xpango Credit Generator you can generate 100.

Payments are by PAYPAL and are paid once you reach the 10$ mark, but until then, you cannot transfer any money to your paypal account. The site has been running since 2007, so it is very reliable. If you are interested then go ahead and SIGNUP: SliceThePie Bot- This bot writes the reviews for the songs that you listen to. This bot is not a fully automatic bot because it requires some manual input like picking characteristics to describe the music, picking characteristics to describe the lyrics, picking characteristics to describe the melody, and whether you love or hate the song.Then, the bot itself will generate a review and write it for you. How to use the Bot: Step One: Listen to the song(10-30seconds) SliceThePie provides you with Step Two: Click the selections/descrptions on that bot that 'YOU' feel would best describe the song with the song.

5 Leecher Edition Noreport. (I ussaly just pick random ones) Step 3: Click Generate so the bot can create a review for you. Step 4: Click start on the bot and then click in the typing space where the review will be written so the bot can write the review.( Make sure you click on the box because the bot starts typing about 5 seconds after you click start) Step 5: Once this process is complete wait for the timer to run out and repeat. How to Obtain the Bot: Unfortunately, This bot is not free.