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The definition of sly is someone or something that is clever in a deceitful or cunning way. An example of something that would be described as sly is a devious secret plot to. Looking for online definition of Sly in the Medical Dictionary? Sly explanation free. Meaning of Sly medical term. What does Sly mean?


Sly (adj.) c. Essential Visuals Plugin For Virtual Dj Crack Free. 1200, 'skillful, clever, dexterous,' from Old Norse sloegr 'cunning, crafty, sly,' from Proto-Germanic *slogis (source also of Low German slu 'cunning, sly,' German schlau), probably from base *slak- 'to strike, hit' (see (v.)), with an original notion of 'able to hit.'

Compare German verschlagen 'cunning, crafty, sly,' schlagfertig 'quick-witted,' literally 'strike-ready,' from schlagen 'to strike. Peachtree Complete Accounting 2006 Free Download 2016 - And Software more. ' A non-pejorative use of the word lingered in northern English dialect until 20c. On the sly 'in secret' is recorded from 1812. Sly-boots 'a seeming Silly, but subtil Fellow' is in the 1700 'Dictionary of the Canting Crew.'

Sly Definition