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The seminal alt-country band seemed poised on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough in 1994 when, to the surprise of many (including his bandmates), quit the band to form, in which he wouldn't have to share his creative vision with another songwriter. 's first album, 1995's Trace, was a beautiful and striking set of songs whose emotional power and soulful resonance suggested had made a shrewd choice in going out on his own. Then a funny thing happened -- made two more albums that were solid and heartfelt but nowhere near as satisfying as Trace, and in 2000 put the group on hiatus, preferring to record and tour under his own name with a shifting set of musicians. In whittling 's history down to one disc and 20 songs, one might expect that A Retrospective: 1995-2000 would play to the genuine strengths of their body of work, but instead this compilation does as much to point to the group's flaws. A Retrospective peaks with its first four tracks -- three songs from Trace and a duet with on 's 'Rex's Blues,' recorded for a benefit compilation. From that point on, much as 's second album got stuck in a mid-tempo rut that it never quite escaped, A Retrospective captures the sound of calling up the same beautifully sad late night vibe over and over again, with only the occasional rocker happening along to break the monotony (and anyone who saw live knows they were a band who could rock out powerfully when the mood struck them) and Mike Heidorn, Jim Boquist, and Dave Boquist struggling to add weight and muscle to 's increasingly similar songs. Fans will doubtless be drawn by the wealth of rare and unreleased material included (including a pair of home-recorded demos, some hard to find covers, and live radio recordings), but while there are a few glorious moments on A Retrospective, too much of this collection captures the sound of a major artist stuck in third gear, and that's certainly not the way this disc needed to sound.

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