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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 boxed. I need someone to change my machine code registeration or at least purge it so I can register correctly. I changed my 60gb HDD for a 320gb one on the Dell Inspiron 91000 laptop, and when I tried to reregister the machine id code was set to DB9Z-H829-5JSM and it is supposed to be DB9Z-H829-5JSM-Z6! I have tried for Two(2) days now to reset through uninstalls and such to get veg10 to install corectly and start up, but it just HANGS at the begining Initialiazion screen and I have to use the Task Manager to kill the process to get it to STOP. I have tried three(3) seperate uninstalls and installs and have three(3) emails stating the same code and authorazion code. Can someone please help me????

Sincerely Bill. I solved the problem myself by doing an clean install without internet turned on! Then when the Reg. Keygen All Sid 2015. html file was posted, I opened it in NotePad and then changed the machine ID to the correct one, that matched in the previous emails, and then turned the internet backon. Then the whole process worked properly and I HAVE MY VEGAS WORKING!!!!! I think that the Whole problem started when I entered the first machine id and when I got to the last three digits, I hit the Shift-Key to enter in the Hyphen and Pressed the ENTER-Key also and then It Sent the Short Code. Thanks vkmast for you help!

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