Subaru Wrx Auto To Manual Swap

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Subaru Wrx Auto To Manual Swap

Sep 27, 2010 I am just looking for info on the swap I got a 2000 2.5rs donor car that i can get all the mechanical components from.(free:biggrin:) Only thing i. Nov 20, 2013 Car: 05 subaru impreza outback. Wrx or sti trans swap into 05 outback sport. One with a manual trans if that is the only reason you want to swap to a manual. Jun 28, 2012 96 Legacy Outback Wagon Auto to Manual Swap. Almost everything needed to swap a Subaru Automatic trans for a manual 5 speed.

Eazy E Any Last Werdz Mp3 Download Free here. Hey guy I currently have an 05 WRX that is an automatic which has its thrills, but I feel like im going no where with it. The reason why I bought the automatic was that I had the mind set that being constantly stuck in traffic and the stop and go wasn't worth it.

But now I am kind of regretting it and I was wondering what kind of work involves doing this conversion and what type of parts are needed. Citroen Xsara Picasso Front Seat Removal. Because still having to pay the loan off on it really would kind of defeat the purpose of trading it in for a different WRX with a manual. I have done some research on this, but I was coming up short on finding some really good info on it. I was just wondering if anyone has successful done this and what type of cost am I looking to get into this? And any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Yeah i dont really like auto's either.

If you want some info on how to swap from auto to 5 speed and parts for that matter try to find a guy with a 5 speed that has swapped to a 6 speed, he'll have a lot of the parts you would need to do the swap. One of my biggest concerns would be EM but i dont really know what is invovled in that. For the most part it should be pretty straight forward- clutch petal assembly slave cylinder clutch pressure plate and friction plate flywheel shifter linkage driveshaft not entirely sure if you would need halfshafts the Tranny itself and some sort of EM to manage the whole thing a buddy of mine is swapping his 240 from auto to 5 speed and hes dumped around 1500 in used parts and we still need a couple of things to complete the swap. Considering how much newer the WRX is and the complexity of AWD i would imagine no less than 2500 in parts and at least that in labor. Looking for a 5 speed WRX isnt the worst idea in the world even if youre worried about taking a hit from depresiaction.