Super Mario Mushroom Revolution

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Super Mario Mushroom Revolution

Sorry for my bad English, i'm from Ukraine. This is my first episode for SMBX, I made it back in 2012, and now decided to share it with you. Trailer: Story: Mario defeated, Bowser has kidnapped the Princess. Who will stop him? Long in the Mushroom Kingdom sought an answer and found! With spatial portal they brought in their world, the new Mario, well, that is old but new.

Whether a new hero to save the world unfamiliar to him? Features of the episode: 20 Stars 33 levels 5 worlds: 1.Grassland 2.Desert 3.Ice 4.Lava 5.Lost Levels All levels are made in the style of New Super Mario Bros Screenshots.

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This might not be good, but here goes nothing. Super Mario Bros.: Mushroom Revolution SHHHHHHH!!!!

( the audience is listening) Prologue~ The Shadow Legacy Once upon a time, about 1000 years ago to be exact existed a magical place of mushrooms. This was the land of the Toadstools, The Mushroom Kingdom. There was a beautiful princess by the name of Peach. And her heroic knight in shining overalls, Mario. Audacity Gverb Plugin Download. Along with his goofy brother, Luigi. You see in this castle there was always work to be done. But sometimes it was interrupted by the evil koopa king, Lord Bowser.

Bowser's father handed one special orb to Bowser's protector, Kamek. And she hid it just before she died, and no one knows where it is.

It is a quite day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Butterflies are flying, Toadstool People are frolicking. And Mario, along with Luigi and their girlfriends, Peach, and Daisy were out for a stroll around the hills. At the top of the hills,the princesses were setting the table for a picnic as our heroes were napping.