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Are you ready for the scariest people in society to become even scarier? Sure, you’ve read about some of the crimes, but get ready to see it. We’re covering 15 of the most despicable people that ever lived and you better believe that part of what makes them so terrible are the reminders they kept of their victims. Except you know, for 2 of our gentlemen who decided they’d rather feed their victims to unsuspecting strangers.

Several of our killers below took photos of their victims moments before their death and as morbid as it is, we’ve included them below. Sure, we also have things like the freezer Dahmer left body parts in, Bundy’s bundle of assault tools and Gacy’s cement basement of death, but there is something extra unsettling about seeing someone right before they die. But that’s the harsh reality, and that’s what we’re here to bring to you below. Not only while you learn about 15 of the worst killers of all time and what they did to earn that title, but you’ll get to see some photos that you definitely aren’t going to erase from your memory bank anytime soon.

Fbi Active Serial Killers

15.Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gacy may have loved keeping his victims under his house, but Jeffrey Dahmer thought the freezer was a much more appropriate place. Or you know, a barrel like something LITERALLY out of Breaking Bad. The Wombats A Guide To Love Loss Desperation RARE here. But getting back to the freezer thing, this was something Dahmer would do on occasion including with Edward Smith who he drugged and murdered. Dahmer’s hope (incorrectly) was that by putting his skull in the freezer that it would remove the moisture. In fact, when Dahmer later went to put it in the oven, it exploded. Dahmer also dismembered Matt Turner and cut out his internal organs which he stored in the freezer, a process he also did with Oliver Lacy who had her heart also put in the freezer.

When investigators looked inside that barrel, three dismembered torsos were found dissolving in acid. Police also found two severed penises, severed hands and a bag of human flesh and organs that had literally gotten stuck to the freezer. Dahmer also had 74 photos of his various victims.