Ted Williams Model 53 Serial Numbers

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Ted Williams Model 53 Serial Numbers

Jan 08, 2015 Ted Williams Model 53. I have a ted williams 30-06 model 53 in mint condition for sale. Never had a scope on it. Don't appear to. Aug 19, 2013 I am trying to determine a value of a 'PREMO' Sears Ted Williams model 53. Sears Ted Williams (Winchester 70) Mod 53.270 Value. With that serial number. Where can you find a 30-06 Ted Williams Model 53. Your Ted Williams/sears model 53 is. What is the value of a ted Williams model 53 30.06 serial number.

Select Category There are no categories for this manufacturer SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Catalog merchandiser that, in addition to selling major trademark firearms, also private labeled many configurations of firearms (mostly longarms) under a variety of trademarks and logos (i.e., J.C. Higgins, Ted Williams, Ranger, etc.). Sears discontinued the sale of all firearms circa 1980, and the Ted Williams trademark was stopped circa 1978. A general guideline for Sears Roebuck and related labels (most are marked 'Sears, Roebuck and Co.' On left side of barrel) is that values are generally lower than those of the major factory models from which they were derived. Remember, 99% of Sears Roebuck and related label guns get priced by their shootability factor in today's competitive marketplace, not collectibility.

An extensive crossover listing (see Storebrand Cross-Over List) has been provided in the back of this text for linking up the various Sears Roebuck models to the original manufacturer with respective 'crossover' model numbers. From Blue Book Publications.

My grandfather recently passed down an older Sears Model 53 chambered for 30-06. The gun is in great condition and shoots like a dream. I've done enough research online to know that this is basically a rebranded Winchester 70 with a generic hardwood stock instead of Walnut (which I can attest to, since the stock in much lighter in color than any of my walnut-stocked guns) I'm also pretty sure that this gun was made after 64, but I would like to know an exact date of manufacture.

The serial number is U14XXXX. Any information you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. -Mark Dickinson. Thanks for the reply and the advice on the serial number.

I didn't consider that posting it may be an issue, but I took your advice and edited it. I found the Sears archive page you mentioned but couldn't find anything there on the guns.

Thanks anyway for the advice. I'll continue to look and if anyone has anything that may help me, I'd appreciate it.

I'm not very familiar with bolt-action guns. Most of the guns I own are lever guns. I think this gun has what you're calling a push feed. Castle Zagyg Yggsburgh Pdf here. The 'magazine' has a piece of spring steel under it that just pushes a platform up that carries the rounds into the breech. The bolt has a little indent in it that the round fits in and it has a little nubby spring sticking up at one edge that ejects the spent round. If that's not a push feed, please let me know, because I just don't know any better.