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This article is about the 2005 film. For the 2002 play, see. The Exonerated Written by Erik Jensen Jessica Blank Directed by Starring David Brown Jr. Theme music composer David Robbins Country of origin Original language(s) English Production Producer(s) Steven Tabakin Karen Wolfe Editor(s) Andy Keir Running time 95 minutes Release Original network Original release January 27, 2005 The Exonerated is a made-for- film that dramatizes the true stories of six people who have been wrongfully convicted of murder and other offenses, placed on, and later exonerated and freed after serving varying years in prison. It was based on a successful written by and and first aired on the former network on January 27, 2005.

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The Exonerated, a play by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, was first performed in Los Angeles by the Actors' Gang, on April 19, 2002, directed by the playwrights.

It is by was produced. Actors played the roles of the five men and one woman. It stars David Brown, Jr. (the only cast member to have appeared in the stage playhe played Robert Earl Hayes), as, as, as, as and as. The script was based on the exonerees' personal experiences as well as court records and media accounts. Jessica Blank, who is married to Erik Jensen, got the idea for the play when she moved from to.

She and Jensen attended a conference about the and listened to stories about wrongful convictions and confessions gained via, threats and deception. The couple spent the summer of 2000 interviewing exonerees throughout the and adapted the stories of six people into a script. The play was first presented in; the final performance was in Minneapolis in 2002. For their efforts, Jensen and Blank received the Champion of Justice Award from the. • DNA and Post-Conviction Tests.. Retrieved 2016-11-01.

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Retrieved July 23, 2013. Sonia 'Sunny' Jacobs and Peter Pringle each served years on death row—Jacobs 17 years in the United States and Pringle 15 years in Ireland. Their wedding in late 2011 was perhaps the first of its kind: the union of two exonerated death-row inmates. The wedding was attended by actresses who had portrayed Sunny: when she spoke her 'I do,' they chorused, 'We do!' Archived from on 2006-09-03. Download Windows 8. Retrieved 2006-08-09. External links [ ] • • • on.

With: Delbert Tibbs - Charles Brown Robert Earl Hayes - David Brown Jr. Sunny Jacobs - Jill Clayburgh Kerry Max Cook - Richard Dreyfuss Sue Gauger/Sandra - Sara Gilbert Male Ensemble - Bruce Kronenberg, Philip Levy David Keaton - Curtis McClarin Gary Gauger - Jay O. Sanders Georgia Hayes, et al. - April Yvette Thompson “The Exonerated” is about as plain-wrap as theater comes. Actors sit on stools arrayed at the lip of the stage, with scripts on music stands in front of them. There are no sets and costumes to speak of, and only lighting is used to punctuate the transitions between speakers.

The evening’s ultimate message is blunt, too: The death penalty, as it is administered by a flawed American justice system, is a moral monstrosity. This will not be news to most Gotham theatergoers, a problem acknowledged by Richard Dreyfuss, one of the evening’s high-profile stars, in a brief postshow address.