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Contents • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] Kutty () wants to become a singer while working as a local cable provider run by Mani (). His songs are appreciated by a college student Rukmani () but each time when she wishes to meet him, circumstances portray him as a transgressive element.

He also becomes the cause of Rukmani losing her eyesight and repents of it. He starts to love her and he regularly writes to his mother about the development of love he has for Rukmani. When his mother dies, she offers her eyes to Rukmani. To meet the cost of the eye transplant, Kutty offers his kidney to a -based rich man. While returning home he inadvertently becomes an accomplice in creating explosives and he's arrested. He is innocently imprisoned for 8 years, and he misses Rukku a lot. Kutty even tries to escape from jail one night.

Having regained her vision, Rukmani, who had studied for IAS, becomes a Collector. When Kutty tries to contact her, he is still the rowdy element in her mind, and Rukmani orders her officers to arrest him.

After a bus full of people, who accompanied Kutty during his trip back from Pune, sing 'Innisai Paadivarum', she realizes his true identity and they reunite. Cast [ ] • as Kutty • as Rukmani (Rukku) • as Mani • • as Sundaram aka Kalyanasundari (transgender) • • • Paari Venkat as Trouser Pandi Production [ ] The film saw director, an erstwhile assistant to Robert-Rajashekhar, Panneer and, make his debut as a film-maker under 's production house. Prior to release, the role of Vijay's mother in the film was kept under wraps with the media speculating who would play the role. Eventually, no actress played the role although the character played a pivotal part in the film. Vijay took a pay cut for the film, accepting only ₹30 lakh instead of ₹50 lakh, as he had signed the film before the release of his film. Release [ ] Reception [ ] Vijay and immediately decided to follow up this film with another collaboration,, with either or to be roped in as the lead actress.

However soon after pre-production, Vijay was replaced by and the film went on to release in 2000. Accolades [ ] • - Second prize for Best Film • - • Nominated - - Remake [ ] The film was remade in Kannada as with.It was remade in Telugu as. It was also remade in Oriya as. It also partly inspired two Hindi language films - Rohit Nayyar's in 2006 and ' 2010 film. It was also remade in Bengali as.

[ ] This film remake planing in Pakistani Urdu version. Soundtrack [ ] Thulladha Manamum Thullum by Released 15 January 1999 Recorded 1998 Length 34.06 Star Music chronology (1996) 1996 Thulladha Manamum Thullum (1999) (2000) 2000 The soundtrack of the film was composed by, while lyrics were written by and Vijayan. Track-list No. Title Singer(s) Length 1. 'Thoda Thodu Enavae Vanavil', 4:44 2. 'Innisai Paadivarum' 4:55 3.

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'Iruvathu Kodi' 5:05 4. 'Innisai Paadivarum' K.S.Chithra 4:55 5. 'Palapalakkudhu' Gopal Rao 5:02 6. 'Megamai Vanthu' 4:21 7. 'Kakkai Siraginilae' 1:21 8. 'Innisai Paadivarum' P.

Unni Krishnan, Chorus 5:03 Total length: 34:06 References [ ].