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A family movie night is certainly an occasion worthy of a snack, but that does not necessarily mean candy and chips. Is a healthier and cheaper alternative to most snack food, and it can be fun for kids to help prepare this snack.

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Before the age of microwaves and, families made popcorn on the stovetop, by putting oil and kernels in the bottom of a pot with a tight-fitting lid. This traditional method does make great popcorn, but it requires constant attention. There are easier methods that still achieve great-tasting popcorn. Why Choose an Air Popcorn Popper Besides the traditional stovetop method of making popcorn, families have three main alternatives from which to choose. Microwave popcorn is the easiest, since it only requires tearing off the plastic packaging and sticking the packet in the microwave.

However, microwave popcorn has serious downsides. Compared to other types of popcorn, microwave popcorn is very unhealthy.

It is high in calories, and has unhealthy additives. Relatively speaking, it is also the most expensive way to make popcorn. A is a microwave-safe bowl with a tight lid. Users pour a small amount of oil in the bottom, add kernels, put the top on tightly, and turn on the microwave. It is a very easy process, but of course, popcorn popped in oil is not as healthy as it could be.

Some popcorn lovers also complain that the oil makes the popcorn soggy. A is the healthiest alternative. It uses hot air rather than oil to pop the kernels, resulting in the lightest, fluffiest, and healthiest popcorn. A hot air popcorn popper is a stand-alone unit. It has a plug and runs on electricity. Using an Air Popcorn Popper The design of a hot air popcorn popper is not overly complex, nor is it difficult to operate.

It is very easy, in fact, making this type of popper a great choice for kids to operate. How It Works Kernels go into an enclosed popping chamber. Often, the popper comes with a measuring device, so there is no guesswork about how many kernels to add. Adobe Pdf Reader For Webosaurs there. A fan blows hot air into the popping chamber, moving the kernels around so they do not burn, and simultaneously heats them up.

As the kernels heat up and explode, they shoot out of the chamber through a chute and into a waiting bowl. Some models also have a separate chamber that melts butter. How to Use It Every model of popper is slightly different, so users should be sure to consult the instructions for their particular model. In general, the process is very similar. Add the recommended amount of kernels to the popping chamber and put on the cover tightly. If the machine has a butter melter, add soft butter and attach the butter melter to the proper place, usually on the cover. Position a under the chute to catch the popcorn, plug in the unit, and let it pop for two or three minutes.