Twin Usb Ps2 Controller Driver

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Twin Usb Ps2 Controller Driver

That comes secondary to everyone else's right to common decency. If we get complaints about rude or hurtful behavior that came about due to an argument over what is essentially consumer branding, we will take action. Logo Design Programm Kostenlos. • • • • • • • •. A friend of mine gave me this controller. It looks like 2 dual-shock 2 controllers from a ps2 connected by a cable then one controller has another cable with the usb end.

The one i have is color blue not sure if they sell other units in different colors. The controller works ok but the right analog stick only operates the function buttons (x,o, circle, triangle or labeled as 1,2,3,4) and the d-pad operates the left analog stick and no vibrating and the 'analog' light which is supposed to light up doesn't work and the left analog stick seems to function like buttons, like any input you give it is either only 0/100%. Alternatively if there are other drivers or solutions out there that could work with the controller that would be fine.

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