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Hi, Dane You might want to download a different version of the game. Try follow these steps: - Go to and download vuze. It is an application for downloading torrent files. - Go to This is do you can download Ultra Iso to open CD images - Go to and download one of the CD images and then download one of the cracks/serials/unlockers/keygens - Download the files and then open them. If you have installed vuze then vuze should open automatically and the downloads should start - After they have finished double click on the disc image for Call Of Duty( The 6 gig one) and if you have installed ultra iso then the application should open automatically. Click on tools and then mount to virtual drive and then select the Call of duty file and click on mount. Go to computer and then click on the emulated Call of duty disc and then install it(You may want to create a copy of the disc for future use).

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