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Mar 14, 2008 But I'm a little hesitant to buy the unit as it doesn't appear there are any game packs for Arcade. I got an Ultracade used. Aug 15, 2012 Turning ultracade to mame (photos. Just wont play the games and i cant reinstall the games then i shall try to install. Ultracade Game Packs, free ultracade game packs software downloads, Page 2. Play Ultracade Video Game Roms Online! Ultracade Games can be Played in Your Browser right here on Vizzed.com.

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I want a dedicated ultracade unit! I have a 48-in-1 mspacman unit to trade that is in mint shape and works 100% with crystal clear picture and sound. Unit was refinished about 8 months ago. All new parts were installed: - New happ 19' monitor - New t-moulding - New light blue paint - New happ power supply - New jamma wiring harness - 48-in-1 multi board - New cpo - New joystick - New buttons - Used marquee in nice shape - New over/under coin door - New marquee light fixture - Unit is also on new castors for easy movement - It in a Jamma cab completely identical to a ms pacman - No side art Cabinet is located in bayshore NY- If I have to I will sell it but I'd rather trade it! I can send pics if serious. Hi Kjoel0123, I have an ultracade unit but i dont want to trade or sell it. I do want to share some things with you though, and others here because I was not aware of alot of things about the ultracade before i bought one.

It will end up costing you alot of money eithier way. The cab has a computer in it with a unique operating system ( joshua ), and unique interface board ( usblink ).

I recently bought one at auction, and didnt get any manuals or disks with it.Even if it did unless they are the latest relase they are really worthless in my opinion. It did have around 35 games already installed in it, worked fine but just had 2 joysticks and 12 buttons.(.no trackball or spinner on it ) and i fiquired i could add more when i wanted. Well i was right about that, but over the years that they came out, they had newer versions of the operating systems.

So unless the model you get has the absolute latest operating system you might want to consider getting it for compatability with all the game add on packs. Its not that big of a deal i believe its around 20 bucks plus shipping. Then comes the game add on packs for the machine. The real big turn on for getting the machine.

Well just like the operating system, the later models came with more 'base games' that came with the machine when you bought it. Early models came with maybe a dozen wheras the latter models came with a '86 game base pack'. Fortunatly, even if you have an early model ultracade, you can use a later model '86 game base pack' in your system.you just have to pay to do it. The 86 game base pack cd is around 150 bucks plus shipping. Don't bother trying to download a copy of it somewhere or get a copy from someone eithier, its not that popular of a item. Barry Finnerty New York City Rar more. and even if it was you still couldnt use it. It comes with a serial #.

That serial # and your serail # of the machine has to be phoned in and you get a unlock code that works for the 86 game base pack cd just for your machine. I will give one thing to mr foley or whoever he hired to design this system, he did make it nearly impossible to get the games without paying for them on the machine. Ok so now you want some of the game add on packs like dragons lair and pac man and donkey kong and such?

Cool no problem. Ok past few years when ultracade was in production, you could buy the game packs from vendors that sold them. Ultracade gave a handful of resellers the rights to resell thier games, and as such you cannot get a deal on them from the company direct.

Nor can you buy a copy second hand from jimbo, who already bought his copy and installed it in his machine eithier. ONce you install a game pack on your machine it becomes 'married' to it BEFORE it starts to copy the games to it.So that game pack is useless to sell second hand, and is useless to use on your second ultracde machine should you have one. The game packs sold anywhere from 300 to 700 bucks a game pack with the pac man game pack being the rarest one I see. Don't confuse this regular ultracade with the 'costco ultracade' or the arcade legends which is simialr but not the same game platforms.