Verilog Code For Serial Adder With Accumulator

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Half Adder Verilog

The problem statement, all variables and given/known data My homework is to design a Serial Adder in Verilog using a shift register module, a full adder module, and a D Flip-Flop module. Gomez Peer Bot. I know my full adder and flip flop modules are correct, but I am not so sure about my shift register. The shift register is 8 bits: Inputs for the shift register are: Si, CLK, Reset Outputs for the shift register are: So, D7 through D0 (one for each bit of the register) Also, if anyone can give me a hint as to how I can approach designing a test bench would be extremely helpful. The attempt at a solution.

Feb 14, 2013 i need to make a 4 bit full adder using verilog can anybody please help me? Verilog rtl code for full-adder Full-adder circuit discussion. + Post New Thread. Serial multiplier verilog. This chapter explains Implementation flow of Bit-serial multiplier its Verilog code and. Figure 5.sum.4 Full adder code.