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Would the 17' definitely be better than the 15'? I use a 13' Macbook Pro (one of the brand new models). It works perfectly for me. I wish I had a bigger screen but it works fine.

VSDC Free Video Editor looks and feels just like a professional video editor. In fact, if feels almost identical to Final Cut Pro in a lot of ways. MacBook Pro; What's the best Mac for video editing? It's a question many of our readers ask. Read next: Best free & cheap Mac video editing software. Aug 16, 2009 I like to make videos in my free time, and I was just wondering if the graphics card in the macbook pro makes editing on a video better than video editing. The Best Video Editing Software of 2017. Apple Final Cut Pro X: Nero Video 2017: Apple iMovie (for Mac OS X). Free Video Editing Software.

Download Free Pope Shenouda Books Pdf Software. I got spoiled with my Dual-22' monitor MAC Pro. MUST i max out to 8GB? I have an external hard drive at home for storage. Would be nice to have storage for about, I dunno, an hour worth of HD footage in the laptop so I don't have to schlep an external. I bought my MACbook Pro with the default equipment. HARD DRIVE: I had planned ahead of time to buy a Seagate 7200 rpm 750GB HD from Bestbuy for a fraction of the price that MAC would have charged. It is the same manufacturer they use for the faster drives.