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Who is Melisa? I am a 40 something mom with five beautiful (but busy!) children ranging in age from 6 to 20 years old. My Waldorf background comes from years of studying and living Steiner’s principles. I have studied Steiner since my oldest was very young, so over 15 years. When I started homeschooling, I had no choice but to write my own curriculum and that took a lot of research. There was very little help for homeschoolers at that time. Through the years, I kept excellent notes and later began to write what is now the Waldorf Essentials curriculum.

As of Spring 2017, I have taught kindergarten 5 times, I have taught 1st-4th grade 4 times, I am teaching grade five for the 4th time, have taught 6-9th grade 3 times, 10th grade twice. I am on my 2nd run through 11th grade, and taught 12th grade once. My life experience is what makes me a good writer, Waldorf consultant and Life Essentials coach. I have a knowledge of working with special needs (my oldest has ASD & my youngest has SPD) – I know how hard those younger years can be and just how often you consider giving up. I also have been a single mom. My older three children are from my first marriage, so I know how it is to homeschool and be single.

I know how nice it is when everyone can get along and the perils of court battles. My journey has taken me to many places. While I am not a trained Waldorf teacher, I don’t pretend to be one – I am a mom – well versed on Steiner and well versed on life. I know what it is like to pray for rain and then stand in the mud – I know how to homeschool one child and many children – all at once! AND what I really know is that you don’t need dogma, you need a friend for the journey, someone you can trust and talk plainly to, someone you can turn to when you need extra prayers or just a little umph, and someone who knows her way around Steiner.