Worm Gear Design Calculation Pdf Creator

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While looking for stuff on drawing bevel, helical and worm gears, I came across a new gear generator, posted by Rainer Hessmer three days ago. I tried it out, and thought that the following info might be helpful to others. In my search, I came across a site with beautiful graphics that gives techniques using Rhino for creating simple spur wheels, bevel wheels, worm pinions, and helical gears. This is the 'Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting' (C) 2013 by Michal Zalewski, Zalewski gives good ideas on drawing some complex gear forms in Rhino, that I found useful. But extra to this, he also has a graphical technique for deriving the tooth form based on the rolling motion of the teeth when they mesh - a different approach from the usual computation of an involute curve.

Worm Gear Design Calculation Pdf Creator

So here's the point. Rainer Hessmer has just developed an online 'Involute Spur Gear Builder' It outputs the drawing to dxf, which you can have open directly in Rhino from the browser.

The free eMachineShop CAD software includes a spur gear design wizard. Waves Vst Plugins Rar there. Just Download, fill in the dimensions and select a material. To use the gear design software.

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It uses an iterative computational method based on Zalewski's approach. This means it will properly handle undercuts in pinions of low tooth count.

I thought I would compare this with GearGen, a script by Thomas Anagnostou that for many years has been old standby for Rhino (Incidentally, there is now a tutorial for Anagostou's plug-in, written by a third party, at ) I compared the filesize of a gearwheel drawn by Hessmer and that by Anagnostou. The wheel was N=72 teeth, PCD=36' pitch circle dia, and 20deg pressure angle. Anagnostou's drawing was made from 288 arcs and nurbs curves. Hessmer's was made from 1800 straight line segments. Anagnostou's version saved at 139kB, while Hessmer's version saved at 90kB. One issue was that this 72 tooth wheel only worked at 'draft' resolution in Hessmer's online gear maker.