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Zee Telugu Serials Online Pasupu KumkumaOnline Zee Telugu Serials

Watch Kumkuma Puvvu latest & full episodes online on hotstar.com - the one stop online destination for popular Star Maa serials & Drama shows from Star TV network. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us Zee telugu serial pasupu kumkuma. Zee telugu serial pasupu kumkuma. Watch Kumkuma Baghya telugu Serial online,Kumkuma Bhagya telugu Serial Full episode, Kumkuma Bhagya telugu Serial cast and crew Pasupu kumkuma serial zee telugu. Jun 26, 2013 This story is about the importance and impact of Pasupu Kumkuma in the life of a married couple.

Pasupu Kumkuma is a story of 19 year old Savitri who comes from a small village in Andhra Pradesh and works in Rajashekar house for lively hood. 50 years old Rajashekar who is a member of legislative assembly happens to marry Savitri. Before the couple dies in a car accident, Savitri gives birth to a girl baby. Rest of the Rajashekar’s family believes that all the three Savitri, Rajashekar and their daughter Anjali has died in the accident. However, Savitri’s daughter was brought up by a couple who stays in the colony which was built in the memory of Rajashekar and his wife Savitri.

The show took a leap of 20 years and Anjali grow up as a confident girl in the neighborhood and people call her a lioness for her bravery. Crack Vod Freebox. Rajashekar’s mother Indira who was paralyzed with two legs requests Anjali to help her in household matters and Anjali out of gratitude agree to move to their house. Arjun Indira’s grandson returns to India after his studies in foreign and he finds his dream girl after landing in India.

Yet he misses looking at her face. Arjun and Anjali become good friends and when family identifies Anjali as Rajashekar daughter they plan for Anjali’s grand wedding. But due to circumstances Arjun happen to marry Anjali and later finds that his dream girl is none other than Anjali. How the couple enjoys their married life withstanding all the struggles is the story of the show. Pasupu Kumkuma aired on zee on and is running successfully towards 1400 episode. Series is telecasted daily from Monday through Saturday at on Zee at 19:30.